about us

As Singapore’s pioneering leader in the creation of a reinvented, invigorating ‘Aqua Pura’, we humbly present to you, our pride and joy – A wholly revitalized concept of Adam’s Ale; the revolutionary Oxygenated Water.

Enhance your body’s metabolism and confront weight loss problems with us, O2 Water. With immune system support properties in our water, join us in the fight to combat and prevent chronic diseases like cancer today! You, as our customers, are first and foremost, the most important to us. Therefore, we assure you, we will always make certain O2 Water will always remain as an affordable, yet healthy drinking option you would choose on a daily basis!



Intrinsically, we are earnestly devoted to always be at the forefront of meeting the drinking water needs of our local community and we seek to constantly be the best in everything we do. Ultimately, we seek to always provide, according to what you desire!



Trust us when we say; we strive to be the best in everything we do and as a coordinated and unified team, we always aim for the highest standards in what we produce – to always have a leading edge in the artistry and reinvention of enhanced hydration methods.



We sincerely promise you that we take meticulous assessment in the creation procedures of our water. This particular ‘Quality Assessment’ is comprehensively managed, executed and monitored by competent professionals. This is to ensure we are consistently exceeding your expectations.